Friday, 12 March 2010


I am very bad at self-promotion, which is why I'm so gratified by the interest which people who command my respect have expressed in my music. So I'm slowly beginning to get some stuff on Reverbnation. At the moment, there are a couple of demos of 2 of my more recent songs. I'll be adding some more soon, both played and sung by me alone, as are the current offerings, and played by my trio - Blind Black & Breathless. I'll be adding some studio stuff later - tracks we thought were finished at the time.

As you listen, remember that the next song will almost certainly be very different from the last one, so I don't think there's anything about what I write that could be described as "typical" of me. This is why my flirtation with the music business was so unsuccessful, because, however necessary for commercial purposes, I don't seem to be able to package myself.

All feedback welcome as I put new (or new old) stuff up there, and the plot thickens.
This link should allow you to listen.
Thanks so much for the encouragement.